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Home styling


Property styling

With our styling service, our aim is to increase the value of your property to make it stand out in the crowd. In the housing market in Marbella, there is fierce competition, therefore it’s very important to highlight the best in your property to make your home visible. Our job is to prepare your property so that before it is listed with a broker and photographed, it shows itself from its absolute best for its potential buyers.

Our stylist will create a pleasant atmosphere with furniture, carpets, textiles, lighting, paintings, and interior details. The home will feel and look inviting with different and beautiful interior arrangements, flowers, and plants. When all details are in place it’s up to the photographer to do its job and create inspirational images that will bring clients to viewings.

The styling assignments always start with a consultation where we discuss a suitable size of the project based on your wishes and conditions.

We come to your home to go through what should be done, the meeting takes about 30 minutes and is free of charge.

You will receive a quote within 24 hours which describes our mission in detail.

The styling is performed in good time to sync with the photo shoot.

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